Abesco is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of Intumescent Passive Fire Protection systems. All our Passive Fire Protection Products are designed to restrict the passage of fire throughout a building, and we are in continuous dialogue with architects, engineers, contractors and building control officers so that we can provide ever more effective solutions for the Passive Fire Protection problems of today and tomorrow.

fire saftey

Our Abesco Products division is located at Laurencekirk, Scotland. We provide a wide range of Passive Fire Protection products for a variety of installations and solutions. Our Abesco Installations division operate throughout the UK providing you piece of mind over product installation.

Each year many thousands of deaths and injuries occur as a result of fires, and the cost of damage to property alone cannot be understated. The ability to contain a fire at its source and limit the rate at which it spreads throughout a building, or protect the structure from the devastating effects of reaching critical temperatures, can be significantly enhanced with effective Passive Fire Protection.

Abesco believes that high quality Passive Fire Protection Products require high quality installation on site if they are to perform as intended and gain that vital additional time which could mean the difference between relatively minor damage and catastrophe.