Protecta WB Coating

Abesco Protecta WB is a single pack Water Based intumescent coating which is specifically designed to provide fire protection for structural steelwork. Also used around glazing and windows which can be fitted by a local company.

When used with Protecta Topseal, a decorative and durable finish is achieved which both seals the intumescent basecoat and enhances the aesthetic characteristics of the steelwork. You can find Protecta WB available at MTeevan Hire plant and tool hire company in London.

Why use Protecta WB

Fully tested and assessed by independent authorities in accordance with BS 476 part20:1987 for up to 2 Hours fire resistance. Simply Removals
Easy to install by spray application for large areas, or brush for small areas.
Cost effective – Low Dry Film Thickness’s required.
Can be used internally and in semi-exposed external situations such as under canopies, covered walkways etc.
Solvent Free – Environmentally and User Friendly.
Where to use Protecta WB

Protecta WB is suitable for protecting internal exposed steelwork in most types of building, and in particular where the steelwork is intended to contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

Typical buildings where Protecta WB can be used are:

Commercial office developments.
Airports, shopping centres, museums.
Sports and entertainment arenas.
Industrial and storage buildings.
How does Protecta WB work?

All intumescent coatings comprise of various chemical ingredients which are designed to react in a controlled sequence when activated by the elevated temperatures experienced in a fire.

On exposure to fire the intumescent coating softens and a chemical reaction takes place causing an expanding cellular carbonaceous char to be formed. The char has excellent insulating properties and low thermal conductivity, thereby providing the steel substrate with an effective barrier against the rapid temperature rise which may cause critical failure of the steelwork.

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How do I calculate the correct coating thickness?

The correct coating thickness for any given steel section is dependent on Hp/a ratio (also called the “Section Factor”). The Hp/a value is the ratio of the length of the exposed perimeter of the steel measured in metres (Hp) to the cross sectional area (a) measured in m2.

Steel will lose its design margin of safety when it reaches a temperature of around 550°C – 600°C, and steel members with a high Hp/a value will heat up and reach this critical temperature range faster than those with a low Hp/a. The objective of using Protecta WB is to delay the rate of heating of the steel, the dry film thickness needed to achieve the required period of fire resistance will increase with higher Hp/a values.

How do I apply Protecta WB

The surface of the steel must be blast cleaned to a minimum standard Sa2½ in accordance with BS7079 Part A1, and a suitable primer should be applied immediately to the prepared steel so as to provide the long-term corrosion protection required. Application should be in accordance with the primer manufacturer’s data sheet. Primed surfaces should be kept clean, dry and free from any contamination.

Protecta WB should be applied by airless spray equipment. A pump size of 60:1 is recommended, capable of maintaining a tip pressure of between 2500 and 4000 p.s.i. and the recommended tip pressure is 3500 p.s.i. A spray tip of size 0.019″ – 0.027″ should be used. Protecta WB can be applied at thicknesses of up to 1450 microns wet in 1 coat by airless spray. (For brush applied coats a maximum wet thickness of approximately 450 microns is recommended).

IMPORTANT – Please refer to the current Protecta WB Technical Data sheet for detailed application instructions prior to application.

Abesco Protecta WB Topseal

Abesco Protecta Topseal protects the intumescent coating from the adverse effects of moisture, whilst providing a durable decorative finish to the system. A wide range of colours are available which will allow the selection of the right finish to enhance even the most striking of designs.

How to specify Protecta WB

“Apply Abesco Protecta WB Intumescent Coating System to suitably prepared structural steelwork to provide up to (30, 60, 90, 120) minutes fire resistance. Application to be in accordance with the suppliers recommendations ”

Supplied by: Abesco Ltd, Abesco House, Laurencekirk Business Park, Laurencekirk, AB30 1 EY, UK.

Non standard manufacturing and testing

Abesco products can be manufactured to meet project specific requirements where the standard production specification may not fulfil all a clients needs. For example, size and fixing variations can be accommodated, and special design facilities are available.

Project specific fire testing can be arranged for particular site specific configurations.

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